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Encoding HTML

HTML Tutorial will help you know various Character Sets which are very important in building a website specifically in coding scripts. ASCII is the most popular character set that some programmers are using today.

HTML Character Sets Encoding

To show an HTML page properly, choose the correct character encoding to be applied or the character set must known by the web browser.
The most commonly applied character set is the ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange). It is composed of 127 various alphanumeric characters that could be used on the web world. It supports numbers (0-9), English letters (A-Z), and some special characters such as ! $ + - ( ) @ < > .
The first Windows character set is the ANSI (Windows-1252. It supports 256 various character codes.
The default character set for HTML 4 is the ISO-8859-1. It also supports 256 various character codes.
ANSI and ISO are limited that is why the default character encoding was altered to UTF-8 (Unicode) in HTML5. It provides nearly all of the characters and symbols in the world.

You can see the differences between Character Sets displayed on the table:

Numb Description ASCII ANSI 8859 UTF-8
33exclamation mark!!!!
34quotation mark""""
35number sign####
36dollar sign$$$$
37percent sign%%%%
40left parenthesis((((
41right parenthesis))))
43plus sign++++
46full stop....
48digit zero0000
49digit one1111
50digit two2222
51digit three3333
52digit four4444
53digit five5555
54digit six6666
55digit seven7777
56digit eight8888
57digit nine9999
60less-than sign<<<<
61equals sign====
62greater-than sign>>>>
63question mark????
64commercial at@@@@
65Latin capital letter AAAAA
66Latin capital letter BBBBB
67Latin capital letter CCCCC
68Latin capital letter DDDDD
69Latin capital letter EEEEE
70Latin capital letter FFFFF
71Latin capital letter GGGGG
72Latin capital letter HHHHH
73Latin capital letter IIIII
74Latin capital letter JJJJJ
75Latin capital letter KKKKK
76Latin capital letter LLLLL
77Latin capital letter MMMMM
78Latin capital letter NNNNN
79Latin capital letter OOOOO
80Latin capital letter PPPPP
81Latin capital letter QQQQQ
82Latin capital letter RRRRR
83Latin capital letter SSSSS
84Latin capital letter TTTTT
85Latin capital letter UUUUU
86Latin capital letter VVVVV
87Latin capital letter WWWWW
88Latin capital letter XXXXX
89Latin capital letter YYYYY
90Latin capital letter ZZZZZ
91left square bracket[[[[
92reverse solidus\\\\
93right square bracket]]]]
94circumflex accent^^^^
95low line____
96grave accent````
97Latin small letter aaaaa
98Latin small letter bbbbb
99Latin small letter ccccc
100Latin small letter ddddd
101Latin small letter eeeee
102Latin small letter fffff
103Latin small letter ggggg
104Latin small letter hhhhh
105Latin small letter iiiii
106Latin small letter jjjjj
107Latin small letter kkkkk
108Latin small letter lllll
109Latin small letter mmmmm
110Latin small letter nnnnn
111Latin small letter ooooo
112Latin small letter ppppp
113Latin small letter qqqqq
114Latin small letter rrrrr
115Latin small letter sssss
116Latin small letter ttttt
117Latin small letter uuuuu
118Latin small letter vvvvv
119Latin small letter wwwww
120Latin small letter xxxxx
121Latin small letter yyyyy
122Latin small letter zzzzz
123left curly bracket{{{{
124vertical line||||
125right curly bracket}}}}
127 DEL   
128euro sign   
129NOT USED 
130single low-9 quotation mark   
131Latin small letter f with hook ƒ  
132double low-9 quotation mark   
133horizontal ellipsis   
135double dagger   
136modifier letter circumflex accent ˆ  
137per mille sign   
138Latin capital letter S with caron Š  
139single left-pointing angle quotation mark   
140Latin capital ligature OE Œ  
141NOT USED 
142Latin capital letter Z with caron Ž  
143NOT USED 
144NOT USED 
145left single quotation mark   
146right single quotation mark   
147left double quotation mark   
148right double quotation mark   
150en dash   
151em dash   
152small tilde ˜  
153trade mark sign   
154Latin small letter s with caron š  
155single right-pointing angle quotation mark   
156Latin small ligature oe œ  
157NOT USED 
158Latin small letter z with caron ž  
159Latin capital letter Y with diaeresis Ÿ  
160no-break space    
161inverted exclamation mark ¡¡¡
162cent sign ¢¢¢
163pound sign £££
164currency sign ¤¤¤
165yen sign ¥¥¥
166broken bar ¦¦¦
167section sign §§§
168diaeresis ¨¨¨
169copyright sign ©©©
170feminine ordinal indicator ªªª
171left-pointing double angle quotation mark «««
172not sign ¬¬¬
173soft hyphen ­­­
174registered sign ®®®
175macron ¯¯¯
176degree sign °°°
177plus-minus sign ±±±
178superscript two ²²²
179superscript three ³³³
180acute accent ´´´
181micro sign µµµ
182pilcrow sign 
183middle dot ···
184cedilla ¸¸¸
185superscript one ¹¹¹
186masculine ordinal indicator ººº
187right-pointing double angle quotation mark »»»
188vulgar fraction one quarter ¼¼¼
189vulgar fraction one half ½½½
190vulgar fraction three quarters ¾¾¾
191inverted question mark ¿¿¿
192Latin capital letter A with grave ÀÀÀ
193Latin capital letter A with acute ÁÁÁ
194Latin capital letter A with circumflex ÂÂÂ
195Latin capital letter A with tilde ÃÃÃ
196Latin capital letter A with diaeresis ÄÄÄ
197Latin capital letter A with ring above ÅÅÅ
198Latin capital letter AE ÆÆÆ
199Latin capital letter C with cedilla ÇÇÇ
200Latin capital letter E with grave ÈÈÈ
201Latin capital letter E with acute ÉÉÉ
202Latin capital letter E with circumflex ÊÊÊ
203Latin capital letter E with diaeresis ËËË
204Latin capital letter I with grave ÌÌÌ
205Latin capital letter I with acute ÍÍÍ
206Latin capital letter I with circumflex ÎÎÎ
207Latin capital letter I with diaeresis ÏÏÏ
208Latin capital letter Eth ÐÐÐ
209Latin capital letter N with tilde ÑÑÑ
210Latin capital letter O with grave ÒÒÒ
211Latin capital letter O with acute ÓÓÓ
212Latin capital letter O with circumflex ÔÔÔ
213Latin capital letter O with tilde ÕÕÕ
214Latin capital letter O with diaeresis ÖÖÖ
215multiplication sign ×××
216Latin capital letter O with stroke ØØØ
217Latin capital letter U with grave ÙÙÙ
218Latin capital letter U with acute ÚÚÚ
219Latin capital letter U with circumflex ÛÛÛ
220Latin capital letter U with diaeresis ÜÜÜ
221Latin capital letter Y with acute ÝÝÝ
222Latin capital letter Thorn ÞÞÞ
223Latin small letter sharp s ßßß
224Latin small letter a with grave ààà
225Latin small letter a with acute ááá
226Latin small letter a with circumflex âââ
227Latin small letter a with tilde ããã
228Latin small letter a with diaeresis äää
229Latin small letter a with ring above ååå
230Latin small letter ae æææ
231Latin small letter c with cedilla ççç
232Latin small letter e with grave èèè
233Latin small letter e with acute ééé
234Latin small letter e with circumflex êêê
235Latin small letter e with diaeresis ëëë
236Latin small letter i with grave ììì
237Latin small letter i with acute ííí
238Latin small letter i with circumflex îîî
239Latin small letter i with diaeresis ïïï
240Latin small letter eth ððð
241Latin small letter n with tilde ñññ
242Latin small letter o with grave òòò
243Latin small letter o with acute óóó
244Latin small letter o with circumflex ôôô
245Latin small letter o with tilde õõõ
246Latin small letter o with diaeresis ööö
247division sign ÷÷÷
248Latin small letter o with stroke øøø
249Latin small letter u with grave ùùù
250Latin small letter u with acute úúú
251Latin small letter with circumflex ûûû
252Latin small letter u with diaeresis üüü
253Latin small letter y with acute ýýý
254Latin small letter thorn þþþ
255Latin small letter y with diaeresis ÿÿÿ